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August 2023

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What do you know about power wagons?

What do you know about power wagons? The following websites provide information about power wagons you might want to consider for an agroforestry/permaculture farm: 

There are all kinds of power wagons that can carry just about anything around the farm. If it is an agroforestry farm you might want to consider the products being harvested, the size of harvest containers, and their stack-ability, power source such as electric, gas, or diesel, the terrain of the farm, and the strength and ability of the farmer-client. Some of the power wagons can adjust to what you are hauling while some cannot, and some have accessories for certain jobs. Also, some of these power wagons have "ride-on" capability for a strong, limber rider. No PPE safety gear is suggested, but the unit travels at low speeds, under 5 miles per hour. Does that matter? Is the motor loud? Does it have an electric start motor? How long will the batteries last, and are the batteries AGM or lithium? Will the unit operate well in cold/hot climates? Does the unit have "hillsense" for inclines/declines? Does it stop or brake automatically when the throttle is not being controlled? Can you get "no-flat tires"? Exploring the options on power wagons when looking for adaptive technology for AgrAbility clients may be a good idea.

Submitted by Susan Jaster, Missouri AgrAbility Project